Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System, TDS Reduction, 400 GPD Fast Flow, Tankless, Compact, Smart Faucet, UL Listed Power Cord, 1: 1 Drain Ratio, USA Tech, Model: WD-G3-W

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Your needs, our priority Waterdrop has become a well-known and professional water filtration brand. We never slow down our research in providing water of the highest quality in the most convenient ways. Our mission is to meet the clean water demands of our customers. We believe that drinking clean water is a basic right and we are

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Your needs, our priority

Waterdrop has become a well-known and professional water filtration brand. We never slow down our research in providing water of the highest quality in the most convenient ways. Our mission is to meet the clean water demands of our customers.

We believe that drinking clean water is a basic right and we are committed to delivering clean water to everyone. Waterdrop RO Water Filtration System is an innovative, all-in-one, intelligent water purification system. It is free from secondary pollution thanks to its tankless design. With a width of 5.7 inches, it takes up a smaller space, and with an eight-time faster water flow (400 GPD), you can enjoy clean water without waiting.

Together with The Water Project, we have invested in better sanitation for schools in Africa to support better futures for children. Every time you buy one filter, one child will get one day’s supply of clean water. Thousands of students and families have benefited from this project.

The advantages of Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 

– The 0.0001μm RO membrane effectively removes 99% of harmful substances, such as fluoride, TDS, limescale, and heavy metals. Enjoy healthy and tasty water.

– It only takes a few minutes to complete the installation and three seconds for filter replacement via twisting. 

– The tankless design frees the system from secondary pollution and saves 50% space.

– The integrated water circuit helps avoid leakage.

– The 1:1 drain ratio is more economical and environmentally friendly.

– The smart and lead-free faucet has an indicator of water quality and filter service life.

– The system meets water demands of small businesses and households. 

We value your feedback, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Product Features

  • Three filters are included in the package. Search “Waterdrop WD-G3-W Filter” for replacement filters.
  • [Superior performance]: Using reverse osmosis filtration technology with a filtration accuracy of 0. 0001um, the system can effectively remove most contaminants including fluoride, TDS, limescale, and heavy metals in your tap water.
  • [Smart, easy-to-install design]: Waterdrop RO water filtration system is an innovative, all-in-one intelligent water purification system. In just a few minutes, Waterdrop RO system can be installed completely, and in just three seconds, the filter can be changed with one single turn. Installation is that easy!
  • [No-tank design]: Use new composite filter element technology to more efficiently filter out harmful substances. The tankless design helps you avoid secondary pollution and enjoy more storage space in your kitchen.
  • [The first composite filter element]: It is the first smart RO system with composite filters and tankless design in the U. S. market. The three filters provide seven stages of filtration. The pre-sediment and carbon block filter is a 3-in-1 filter that functions as that of three filters combined. The Reverse Osmosis membrane filter adopts an innovative design, and the efficiency of the filter equals more than three stages of filtration. Additionally, the activated carbon block filter uses high-precision activated carbon granules made from natural coconut shell, which will also return beneficial minerals into the water and improve the water taste.
  • [No waiting for clean water]: Thanks to its internal pump, the RO system offers faster water flow (400 gallons per day). The system can filter a cup of water in about 12 seconds. It can produce pure water quickly, thereby meeting the needs of your whole family and even small companies.
  • [1: 1 low drain ratio]: Compared to traditional RO systems, Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System saves water waste by 300%. Save money on your water bills while running the RO system.
  • [Special notice]: You must fully turn on the faucet and flush the RO system for 30 minutes after installation. The light on the faucet will flash blue during flushing, but once completed, the blue light will stop flashing. The total water capacity will be about 8. 5 gallons and the water will be undrinkable during flushing. To save water, be creative and collect the water for other purposes, such as watering plants.


Anonymous says:

Functions Well and Smallest RO System I’ve Seen I have owned multiple RO systems and have installed all of them myself. In regard to install, this one was the easiest. I had a small leak initially but after tightening the connection it went away. What makes the install easier than previous units is that all of the connections are done in one location. It makes it easier overall. Also, the individual filters are really simple to connect. Just put in the assigned slot and turn. This is a big improvement in my opinion. The unit also has an internal TDS reader which displays on the front of the unit. The best part of the unit is the small amount of area it takes up. It’s by far the smallest RO system I’ve owned. I’m able to stick it under the sink and still have a lot of room for storage. Because of its small size it does not have a reservoir of water that it pulls from. Instead it holds a small amount in the unit and the rest is pulled from the cold water line while you run the faucet. Because of this the pump must have electricity…

Anonymous says:

Darned near perfect unit. The unit is quite stylish, perhaps too stylish to be hidden under the sink. The compact nature of the unit makes for reducing space needed to install. Mostly uses vertical space, the horizontal footprint is quite small for what it does.I have never installed an RO system, but consider myself quite handy. The hardest part of the installation was working in the limited space under the cabinet… I am a BMF (Big Mexican Fellow) and i hate working under the sink. Luckily the unit itself is easy to install. I also installed a T junction to go to my fridge. EZ-PZ. No leaks at all from the first time i turned the water back on. This is a testament of the unit and materials provided, since it is definitely not due to my skills!The water taste is fantastic, just as good as the best bottled water we buy for our coffee. I purchased a cheap TDS meter from Amazon to get some objective measure of TDS before and after.My TDS from the tap is about 350-400 ppm. The…

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